February 1, 2015

Medical Records

Medical RecordsMedical Records is a department whose function is probably not well known to most patients. We are a department in transition worldwide from a paper system to an electronic medical record (EMR).

We have evolved from the “medical record librarian” to the “health information manager”. Mineral Community Hospital is getting ready for this new and exciting change by implementing a state-of-the art system to allow our providers to view your health information via computer instead of searching for a paper chart.

Our primary function, as custodian of the medical record, is to safeguard your private medical information and have it immediately available to the providers rendering you health care (both in and out of our facility). We comply with all HIPAA regulations.

Our department handles multiple requests a day for health records for various reasons and we are happy to assist you with that, at your written request, within 30 days. There is a nominal fee if the request is not going to a health care provider. We fill the requests in the order we receive them, so we need as much advanced notice as possible. Emergent requests directly from health care providers caring for you are given immediate attention.

Other responsibilities include transferring your diagnoses into codes that help track health care trends and are transmitted electronically to your insurance company to facilitate your bill being paid; managing transcription, which is the information about your care the doctor dictates for your record; managing Peer Review, which is an audit by other providers who critique the care that was provided in our facility; and keeping statistics that are utilized for treatment, payment and health care operations within the facility and provide information for regulatory oversite.

While we may not be the most visible department in the hospital, we are committed to our contribution in helping the providers deliver quality health care.